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Polypropylene Fiber

Polypropylene Fiber

  • Product Description:

Polypropylene fiber, also known as engineering fiber and anti-cracking fiber, which is made by drawing pure polypropylene raw material. It has the advantages of strong tensile force, good crack resistance and high melting point. It is specially used for plastic anti-cracking fiber in cement mortar and concrete. It can prevent or reduce the initial plastic cracks of cement mortar and concrete. It can be used as a "secondary reinforcement" for cement mortar and concrete.

  • Superior performance:

---Improve the crack resistance of mortar and concrete

---Improve the impermeability of mortar and concrete

---Improve the frost resistance of mortar and concrete

---Improve the toughness, impact resistance, flexural resistance, fatigue resistance and earthquake resistance of mortar and concrete

  • Application:

Used in anti-cracking putty powder, thermal insulation mortar, concrete, construction engineering level, walls, pools, and anti-cracking, impact resistance, anti-wear, high-demand projects, water conservancy projects, subways, airport runways, port terminals, overpass viaducts and bridges Faces, piers, super-long structures, etc.

  • Product Parameters:
Index Item Standard Specifications
Appearance Bunchy monofilament
Linear density 0.91±0.02g/cm3
Cross-section Y-type
Melting point 165-175℃
Moisture rate <0.1%
Elongation at break 15-25%
Diameter 18-45um
Ignite point ℃ 590±2
Strength of extension 600±25Mpa


20kg/bag (20 packets, 1kg/packet)

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