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  • Application of HPMC in Various Building Materials Products:
    HPMC in construction mortar plastering mortar High water retention can fully hydrate the cement, significantly increase the bonding strength, and at the same time can appropriately increase the tensile strength and shear strength, greatly improve the construction effect and increase the work efficiency.
  • Because the polymer and the mortar form an interpenetrating network structure, a continuous polymer film is formed in the pores, which strengthens the bond between the aggregates and blocks part of the pores in the mortar. The role in the mortar is to improve the brittleness and high elastic modulus of the traditional cement mortar, and to give the cement mortar better flexibility and tensile properties. Improve the bond strength to resist and delay the generation of cement mortar cracks.
  • The polymer film formed by Redispersible Emulsion powder (VAE/RDP) has good flexibility. It can form a film on the gap and surface of cement mortar particles to form a flexible connection, so that the brittle and hard cement mortar becomes elastic. Mortar with redispersible Emulsion powder added has much higher tensile and flexural strength than ordinary mortar.
  • It is used in anti-cracking putty powder, thermal insulation mortar, concrete, construction engineering level, wall, floor, pool, basement, and passage bridge engineering. It has anti-cracking, anti-seepage, abrasion resistance, improved toughness, improved impact force, explosion-proof, It is also resistant to tearing off and improves the bonding force between the new and the old interface.
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