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Starch Ether

Starch Ether

  • Product Description:

Starch ether is made of natural polysaccharides as raw materials and modified by highly etherification. The main function is to improve the dissolution stability, surface activity, water retention and viscosity of building materials.

  • Application characteristics:

Starch ether is mainly used in conjunction with HPMC to exert the following effects:

---Use for interior and exterior walls Putty powder:

In various (cement, gypsum, lime calcium-based) interior and exterior wall putty powders, starch ether can improve the workability of the putty and make the operation more smooth.

---Used for adhesives agent:

Starch ether can improve the adhesion of tile adhesives, thermal insulation board adhesives, wall tiles caulking agents, etc. It has good fluidity, good film-forming properties and stable viscosity.

---Used in mortar:

Starch ether can effectively improve the flow properties of various thermal insulation mortars, plastering mortars, masonry mortars, dry-mixed mortars, etc., increase the water retention of the mortar, and significantly improve the sag phenomenon of the mortar.

  • Physical and chemical index
Index Item Standard Specifications
Appearance White fine powder
Solubility Soluble in cold water
Moisture % ≤5
Hydroxypropyl content% 20-40
Ph value (3.75%, 25℃) Alkaline 8.0-11.5
Aqueous solution with viscosity (MPa.S)5%, 20% 400-1,200mpa.s

Packaging and storage:

25kg/PE bag

Storage: Suitable for storage in a ventilated, cool and dry environment.

Transport: Non-dangerous goods, avoid sun and rain during transportation.

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