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Polyvinyl Alcohol Powder(PVA)

Polyvinyl Alcohol Powder(PVA-2488)

  • Product Description:

Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) uses vinyl acetate (VAM) produced by natural gas method as raw material, methanol as solvent, and is made through polymerization, alcoholysis and other processes. It is a water-soluble and environmentally friendly polymer, non-toxic and pollution-free. It has good film-forming property, emulsifying property, bonding property and spinning property.

  • Application:

Polyvinyl alcohol powder (PVA) is used in various dry powder putty, dry powder mortar, tile adhesive, plaster gypsum adhesive etc.

  • Function:

--- It can effectively increase the adhesion and fluidity of cement and mortar, increase the opening time, increase the adaptability of coating work, and prevent the cracking of cement coating.

---Used in conjunction with HPMC can improve the flexibility, water retention and adhesion of cement mortar.

  • Technical index
Index Item Standard Specifications
Average degree of polymerization (DP) 2400-2500
Molecular weight (Mn) 118000-124000
Viscosity (cps) 44-50
Alkalinity (mole%) 86-89
Volatile matter (wt%) < 5
Ash (wt%) < 0.5
PH 5-7
Fineness (mesh) 120mesh

Packaging and storage:

25kg/PE bag

Suitable to be stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place, protected from moisture and sun during transportation.

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